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About Us


LIRUI Group is one of the leading Zipper & Accessories manufacturer in Mainland China established since 1998.


We do consistently supply variety trims to Multi-International Clients, including Abercrombie & Fitch, SuperDry, Armani,Calvin Klein, Zara, Guess, Macy,  KIABI, etc.


We have over 20 branch offices in Mainland China cities and oversea countries, among New York, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Aim to establish a platform to provide One-Stop-Shop solution, with quick response services to our clients from product design, raw material, sampling,technical support to quality control and logistics.


Our dynamic R&D team in Shanghai strives to present proactive solutions to meet each specific design needs. With a wide diverse creative,

innovative and practical knowledge.


Our Group is committed to the high operational standards with strict policies conducting Social Compliance and Ethics, also aligned to the

International Standard. ( OEKO-TEX, BSCI, ISO )


We have passion for product perfection, attention to detail, and adding value to our clients to help them reach their business goals.

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